right leg problems, trouble walking

Mom’s right leg isn’t working well.  She attributes this to her right lung being collapsed and, thus, poor circulation on that side.  She has trouble walking – has had for almost two weeks, since her vertigo – because of her vertigo, her weakness not walking for a couple of weeks, her right leg, and (in my opinion) discontinuing the cannabis oil (causing a bit of weight loss & overall “not feeling well”).  Nonetheless, she wants to get her exercise and walk.  The spirit is willing, but the body isn’t.

Last night Mom had a dream that Floyd put her in a nursing home.  She was so disappointed by the dream.  I said, “A nursing home is for people who don’t have anyone to help them.  You’re not it.”

vertigo subsiding

As of yesterday Mom’s constant vertigo is subsiding.  She only feels it when sitting up and lying down, not during the rest of the day.  She still has trouble walking and cannot do it on her own.  Floyd has to help.  But she walked from the living room to the bathroom and half-way back again yesterday.  Good progress.

swallowed wrong

There was a bit of a glitch today.  I heard Mom hitting the wall in the kitchen and bending over.  She was choking – but not really.

I ran to the kitchen and saw she was choking on something.  I assumed it to be food, so I banged on her back to release whatever was there.  It wasn’t.  It was coffee.  She swallowed wrong – tried to breathe while having coffee in her mouth.  Floyd was on the phone at the time with one of his brothers.  I said, “Floyd, phone 911 nowNow.”  He was about to but a few seconds later I knew it wasn’t what I thought – no food caught anywhere.  “Never mind, Floyd, it’s okay.”  <sigh>

Now Floyd is back on the phone, Mom is back to trying to breathe and drinking coffee, and I’m back to … whatever I was doing at the time – can’t remember.

vertigo exercise

It seems to me that Mom has the same cause of vertigo that Floyd had a couple of years ago.   Mom asked me to perform the vertigo exercise that Floyd’s doctor recommended.

An explanation:  The fluids in the inner ear crystallize and bump against the cilia there.  Normally, fluids flow past cilia when we turn our heads in any X, Y, or Z direction (more or less – Posterior, Anterior, & Lateral semicircular ducts), and this relays messages to the brain to say we’re moving around.  But crystallized fluids & other material get trapped in this mechanism and make us believe we’re continually spinning.

We did the exercise once – well, only half because it should be done once from both left and right.  We’ll do the other half of it in an hour or so.  Mom vomited a bit but not much.  (Not as much as Floyd, who vomited for three days.)  We’ll do it a couple more times later today.  Hopefully this will help get rid of some symptoms.

still dizzy

This is the 3rd day Mom is dizzy, not being able to walk on her own.  I put some hot damp clothes on her ears yesterday evening to alleviate her dizziness.  It helped temporarily.


A few days ago I felt something coming on – not a cold, exactly, but something.  I told Mom she should have a ColdFX capsule, but she declined.  Now she is ill.  I am confident it is the same virus.  The timing is too coincidental to not be.


Mom can usually be seen by 9:00am having breakfast either in front of the TV watching financial news weekdays or at the table reading the newspaper weekends.  But today she was still in bed by the time I left the house at 9:30am.

She complained of dizziness off-and-on all day yesterday.  This morning she thought she had a fever.  She was dizzy and could not get out of bed to have breakfast.  When I got back, she’d finished her breakfast but was sitting there on the couch all covered up in blankets.  (This isn’t entirely unusual, but today the heat is out.  More on my blog later.)

Later, at 1pm, she’s had a bowl of mushroom soup and is now laying down.  Her dizziness has stopped.  But I guess she feel she still needs to rest.

She’s been completely off the cannabis oil for a couple of weeks, I think, and she has lost another pound, the same pound she put on while on the oils.  Related?  You be the judge.

She tried to eat a supper I made last night but didn’t eat much – maybe half a Mom-sized plate.  Steak, baked potato, pan fried zucchini, beets, beet tops, & steamed cauliflower bits.  She ate the steak, beet tops, & cauliflower.

Floyd called the Home Care people, but apparently nobody is available!  The person normally assigned to Mom is away until October something.  We all commented to each other that it seems odd that nobody else is available.

We’ll see how the day goes.


Mom said to me that, should the Home Care people call, she doesn’t want them coming anymore since she isn’t dizzy anymore.  I thought that they should come anyway, but she’s quite opposed to it.


Mom was shivering this morning.

I did my usual thing of having morning coffee on my own then, upon waking up a bit more, joining the rest of the house to say “good morning”.  At 8:30AM, Mom was sitting in the living room with a blanket, coffee, & muffin shivering away.  I was alarmed.  She assured me that she’d be fine in a moment.

I guess she was.

cancer shrunk with new drug

Numbers don’t lie, and the sizes of her tumours have all gone down.  Here is a report from her last X-rays.  The doctor said that she is responding really well to the new medication.  He even went to far as to say that Mom would be in remission by next spring.  Read into that what you wish.  I firmly believe that it is entirely possible for her to be rid of cancer.

weight gain

Mom is quite pleased.  She’s gained a pound.  She was at 69 lbs. for a long time.  Now, according to her own scale and the doctor’s, she’s a whipping 70 lbs.  I attributed that to the cannabis oil she’d been taking for 3 weeks, but she doesn’t believe it.