Justin & Angela phoned

Annette: Justin phoned at 10:15PM & said, “How are you?”  I said, “Oh, not too bad.”  I could not tell him on the phone.  I think he believed me.  Hope so, as he is not to know till we see him face to face.  Angela phoned today.  Wanted to know if she should come here.  I said just wait till around operation time.  I DO want to see Angela.  Would like to see Glenn, too.  Hope he comes.


Annette: I went to the doc as I had been coughing since February of 2011.  Thinking it wasn’t much, but thought I should go anyway.  As it turned out, I should have gone 7 months ago.  My cough had been getting worse.  The doc gave me a puffer as well as antibiotics & sent me to the hospital for chest X-rays.  She’d come to see me in 2 weeks.  But before the 2 weeks were up she phoned me and said come in right away.  I thought it was a bit strange, like why right away?  I did not catch on.  So Floyd took me down to the doc’s office.  Now this is Monday August 29.  Doc Kisuk said, “I have bad news,” & I said, “What?” not thinking it could be this bad.  She said, “You have lung cancer.”  Well I kinda broke down a bit.  Really made my head spin.  She asked me when my son was coming home.  I said in a couple of weeks.  She said, “Good,” plus she asked me where my other kids lived.  I told her.  Then she was really concerned as to how Floyd is, is he in good health.  I said yes.  So she immediately made 2 appointments with the hospital for a CAT scan & something else, I don’t remember, & she phoned the doc again & said I cannot afford to play with TIME.  She said it will be something this week.  Yesterday I phoned Angela.  She took it very hard.  I felt bad for her.  I told Angela I would let her know anything as soon as possible.  Right away Angela said, Do you want me to go see you?”  I said we will leave it for a while.  Angela had phoned Glenn & told him, then Glenn phoned me.  We talked for over an hour.  Glenn was pretty worried.  He said he told his dad, shocked is all I can say.  I also phoned Is.  She could hardly believe it.  Also, the doc said I would definitely go for the operation.  Barb, as in Barb & Brian, phoned, & I told her I hadn’t planned on telling her quite just yet.  Barb was very shocked.  My biggest thing now laying over my head is telling Justin.  Won’t tell him till he gets home.  When I found out it was, or should I say Justin still had 7 days to go.  But of course now I don’t know if I will be able to go to Calgary.  I want to go so bad.  Justin is going to phone in a day or two, & I cannot tell him.  I’m just SO happy that he is coming home.  There is Floyd’s people to tell yet, & a few other people like Trish & Earnest.  Told Sherryl, & she will tell Kathy & Judy.  I was going to walk to Burger King with Floyd but didn’t think I could.  BUT after I have this operation I will walk all over town.