therapist Annette

Annette: We saw this therapist.  Her name was Annette.  She was telling me what I had to do after surgery.  And she said as far as some things to do,

you do nothing at all – it’s complete rest – because if you don’t it will take you much longer to recover.  The doctor explained about where the cancer is located, and he explained about the procedure.  It starts in the throat area and goes down maybe behind the lungs in the lung area.  They do a biopsy to check for cancer in the lymph nodes.  Another doctor came in to do my EKG.  He was there for a short while and was gone.  Another doctor checked both sides of my hands real intensely then went on to something else.  If they find no sign of cancer in the lymph nodes, they’ll proceed with the major operation sometime later – he said a week to ten days later.  So by the 20th it should be done.

3 options

Annette: Went to see Dr. Sinha. The Doc gave me 3 options, one was an operation the second was Chemo & the third was Palliative Care.  He sad that if I did nothing at all I would live less than a year.  And if I took Chemo & Radiation I would live about a year, & with an operation I could get as much as a year, so of course I am going for the operation.  Then the Doc made me walk up & down the hall with a monitor to monitor my heart & my breathing. It wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do & he couldn’t understand what was going on.  He said the operation would take 6 to 8 hours long.   I don’t really mind the operation but I’m not really excited about when I wake up as I’m kind of afraid of the out come. I guess time will tell.

stress test

Annette: Went to Calgary for yet another appointment  for a Stress Test this time.  I didn’t think I would make it as it was real hard. I said to the Doc would I be able to have the operation I  didn’t go through with it & she said NO so thought I’d better do it. I think I did all right. From 1 to 10 beings one was the best, I got to two. So I was very pleased. My next appointment is Dec. 9th. This time at Holy Cross Hospital. A few days ago I went to Dr. Kizuk to get a parking permit for disabled.

no operation, Angela

Annette: We went to Calgary on the above date to meet with the Surgeon.  He said that he wouldn’t operate because the size of the cancer was too close to the heart, as well my breathing was not good enough.  Said the operation takes  a half a day. Also I would not be able to get in till January of 2012.  My thoughts too long.  He said the opp would be very risky.  Also said that I had about a year to live.  I could go for Chemo therapy    and or radiation.

I phoned Angela and told her and she said that she is not coming out to see me, and not ever coming to Canada again and for me to have a good life.  Tell you that pulled at the heart strings. I’m so glad I didn’t treat my Mom like that. I do not know what I ever did to Angela to be treated like that. I told Angela that I love her.

PET scan

Annette: Went to Calgary today to have  a PET scan. I couldn’t eat for 6 hours before the PET scan also had to drink 3 to 4 glasses of water. Didn’t eat till 4 PM. It was very much like a CAT scan. I wasn’t well that morning so I had to be in a wheel chair the whole time as it was too much walking for me. A lot of mornings I was real weak & had to lay down around 9:am for a half hour.  I just walk too muck or talk too much.  I can feel myself getting worse by the week.  Today Brian brought over a Bishop to give me a blessing.

no chemo, radiation, operation

Annette: Floyd & I went to see Dr. Kizuk yesterday.  She wanted to review what Dr. Oviatt & Dr. Holland had said.  She said that I I cannot take Chemo Therapy & Radiation as I am too frail.  And Dr. Oviatt said I am not a good candidate for an operation. They would take either one or two lobes out depending on what they find.  So Dr. Kizuk said,” If you were my Mother I would PUSH for the operation.  “And she said tell that to the Dr. in Calgary. We go to Calgary on Oct. 31st. I’m also going to get a PET scan in Calgary.

cancer did not spread

Annette: On Oct. 13th I got results from all my tests from the past 2 weeks. Dr. Holland told me that the good news was that the cancer did not spread through out my body.  That was music to my ears. I told Floyd & Justin that & when we left the building we all hugged were so happy, a few tears too. But the not so good news was that Dr. Oviatt said they were thinking of taking 2 lobes of my lung out or maybe even the whole lung. He said very risky may not even make it. He was very blunt. So Dr. Oviatt phoned Calgary right away to make appoints to see a Dr about a PET scan plus a surgeon. And he will decide f the operation is a go. I myself want the Opp. Of course it has to be fairly safe to do. I DO NOT want to go through Chemotherapy & radiation, of course if that is the last thing to do then I will. It was a pretty full day as well I had a 45 minute breathing test, & that is no fun.

83 lbs

Annette: Today Floyd & I & Justin went grocery shopping. I wasn’t feeling all that well, but thought I’d go anyway.  Well we were shopping & I got tired & not feeling all that good. Justin took me to a nearby chair. Then went & got Floyd & he took me to the Van. When we got home I layed down & had a bit of a nap. Felt better but I’m always tired.

I have always been 85 lbs & now I’m about 83 or there abouts.  My food intake has gone way down. As I’m never really hungry. I eat because I know I have t. This is what I ate yesterday; 1 bran muffin, 1 small orange, 1 very small piece of chicken, later another small piece of o chicken,1 cookie & another small orange.

One more thing I want to say, to add to my complications on October 5 I cracked a rib on my left side. With C I cough really, really lots, & of course it hurts to cough. Now I’m waiting for Oct. 13 I will see 2 Doctors to know the out come of all this. Like weather it will be an operation or chemo therapy. I am so hoping for an op then be done with it all. But I don’t think it will be all that simple.

scans today, Mom gets sick

Justin: scans today
Mom gets her bone scan as well as pelvic, abdominal, and cranial CT scans today.  We’re now sitting in the hospital’s imaging clinic waiting room waiting to get the first scan of the day, the bone scan.  Later, at 12:30, we’ll head toward the area where she’ll drink a barium (radioactive) drink for the other scans.

Mom gets sick
Mom vomited after lunch today.  It’s maybe the second time I’ve ever seen her this ill.  And, because she is so very weak these days, it’s even more worrisome.  <sigh>  Floyd helped her through it, putting a chair in the bathroom in case she needed to sit and rest.  (Later on I suggested to leave the chair in the bathroom overnight.)  I worried.  And there’s nothing I can do.

more blood

Justin: more blood
Mom gave more blood today, and Floyd went for a routine check up.  Floyd says, “This is what you have to look forward to as you get older.  Seniors spend their time going back and forth from the hospitals, so do what you want to do while you still can,” or something like that.  Yes, true.