ustin: It’s late at night, and Mom is coughing and clearing her throat.  She is not getting better – rather, slowly but progressively getting worse.  “When is your consultation for radiation therapy?” I asked yesterday.  It’s apparently not until the first week of February.  Well, that’s not very good.  She’s ill now.  We discussed radioactive pellets that are sometimes used, but the tumour is apparently too big for that.  I told Mom that I wish she’d use whatever money is at her disposal to try for alternative therapy … now.  She doesn’t believe in “that sort of thing”, so she will not try it.  I’m afraid she cannot get a decent night’s sleep these days because of this, and it appears to be getting worse week by week.

therapy in Lethbridge

Annette: Dr. Sinha phoned and said that I can take intense therapy in Lethbridge, and I was extremely glad that I didn’t have to go to Calgary because I would have to stay alone or Floyd would have to go along, and it’s a long time to stay.  Otherwise, I’m alone for a whole week, for 4 or 5 weeks.  Anyway, he said that I can have that intense radiation in Lethbridge for only 2 weeks.  I’m not sure why 2.  So now we’re waiting for a call from Calgary to set this up with a doctor here in Lethbridge.  In the mean time, Calgary phoned and was going to make an appointment for intense radiation in Calgary, and I said, “No, they told me I can have it in Lethbridge, so she just said, “Sorry, I didn’t realize that.  Good-bye.”  And now I’m just waiting for them to call, and if they don’t call by Thursday, I will phone them.

friend’s radiation

Justin: radiation Mom was talking with a friend who successfully had radiation therapy to shrink a tumor, but the tumor was benign (not cancerous).  Mom was distraught because she believed that radiation therapy could only shrink non-cancerous tumors.  I told her that it shrinks many kinds of tumors, not just benign ones.

the cancer has spread

Justin: the cancer has spread
What a letdown.  At about 5:35PM today, right about suppertime, the phone rang.  It was the doctor’s office in Calgary.  The cancer had spread to Mom’s lymph nodes behind her lungs.  So no surgery after all.  Mom was devastated.  Floyd got the details from the doctor since Mom couldn’t cope with the news.  The next step for Mom would be radiation therapy to shrink the cancer cells or, at least, stop them from growing.  I guess we have to discuss this more later.

therapist Annette

Annette: We saw this therapist.  Her name was Annette.  She was telling me what I had to do after surgery.  And she said as far as some things to do,

you do nothing at all – it’s complete rest – because if you don’t it will take you much longer to recover.  The doctor explained about where the cancer is located, and he explained about the procedure.  It starts in the throat area and goes down maybe behind the lungs in the lung area.  They do a biopsy to check for cancer in the lymph nodes.  Another doctor came in to do my EKG.  He was there for a short while and was gone.  Another doctor checked both sides of my hands real intensely then went on to something else.  If they find no sign of cancer in the lymph nodes, they’ll proceed with the major operation sometime later – he said a week to ten days later.  So by the 20th it should be done.

3 options

Annette: Went to see Dr. Sinha. The Doc gave me 3 options, one was an operation the second was Chemo & the third was Palliative Care.  He sad that if I did nothing at all I would live less than a year.  And if I took Chemo & Radiation I would live about a year, & with an operation I could get as much as a year, so of course I am going for the operation.  Then the Doc made me walk up & down the hall with a monitor to monitor my heart & my breathing. It wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do & he couldn’t understand what was going on.  He said the operation would take 6 to 8 hours long.   I don’t really mind the operation but I’m not really excited about when I wake up as I’m kind of afraid of the out come. I guess time will tell.

stress test

Annette: Went to Calgary for yet another appointment  for a Stress Test this time.  I didn’t think I would make it as it was real hard. I said to the Doc would I be able to have the operation I  didn’t go through with it & she said NO so thought I’d better do it. I think I did all right. From 1 to 10 beings one was the best, I got to two. So I was very pleased. My next appointment is Dec. 9th. This time at Holy Cross Hospital. A few days ago I went to Dr. Kizuk to get a parking permit for disabled.

no operation, Angela

Annette: We went to Calgary on the above date to meet with the Surgeon.  He said that he wouldn’t operate because the size of the cancer was too close to the heart, as well my breathing was not good enough.  Said the operation takes  a half a day. Also I would not be able to get in till January of 2012.  My thoughts too long.  He said the opp would be very risky.  Also said that I had about a year to live.  I could go for Chemo therapy    and or radiation.

I phoned Angela and told her and she said that she is not coming out to see me, and not ever coming to Canada again and for me to have a good life.  Tell you that pulled at the heart strings. I’m so glad I didn’t treat my Mom like that. I do not know what I ever did to Angela to be treated like that. I told Angela that I love her.