Mom really tired

All this time running around, Mom was really tired.  She stopped several times to sit and catch her breath.  She has apparently been like this for about two week now.  She has to walk really slowly and cannot walk far without getting tired.  Not winded, like her sister, my Aunt Merine, was; but tired, having no energy to do what she wants to do.  She wanted to go look at jeans with me, but she got tired, so I suggested she sit down.  She wanted to hang out in the garage and see what Floyd and I are unpacking, but she got tired so easily.  <sigh>  Not good.  I worry about her.  She has to wait for a while – a few days? a few weeks? – for the next step.  I want to act now while it’s early.  So does Mom, I know.  Floyd has been really supportive and helpful during this whole thing.  Without Floyd, I am sure Mom could not do anything.  My role in all this is to help out.

Justin’s flight

Annette: We found out that Justin’s flight comes in at 2:17PM on September 9, so that is good as my CAT scan is at 8:00AM on September 7.  So thank G—I can go to Calgary tomorrow.

Justin & Angela phoned

Annette: Justin phoned at 10:15PM & said, “How are you?”  I said, “Oh, not too bad.”  I could not tell him on the phone.  I think he believed me.  Hope so, as he is not to know till we see him face to face.  Angela phoned today.  Wanted to know if she should come here.  I said just wait till around operation time.  I DO want to see Angela.  Would like to see Glenn, too.  Hope he comes.


Annette: I went to the doc as I had been coughing since February of 2011.  Thinking it wasn’t much, but thought I should go anyway.  As it turned out, I should have gone 7 months ago.  My cough had been getting worse.  The doc gave me a puffer as well as antibiotics & sent me to the hospital for chest X-rays.  She’d come to see me in 2 weeks.  But before the 2 weeks were up she phoned me and said come in right away.  I thought it was a bit strange, like why right away?  I did not catch on.  So Floyd took me down to the doc’s office.  Now this is Monday August 29.  Doc Kisuk said, “I have bad news,” & I said, “What?” not thinking it could be this bad.  She said, “You have lung cancer.”  Well I kinda broke down a bit.  Really made my head spin.  She asked me when my son was coming home.  I said in a couple of weeks.  She said, “Good,” plus she asked me where my other kids lived.  I told her.  Then she was really concerned as to how Floyd is, is he in good health.  I said yes.  So she immediately made 2 appointments with the hospital for a CAT scan & something else, I don’t remember, & she phoned the doc again & said I cannot afford to play with TIME.  She said it will be something this week.  Yesterday I phoned Angela.  She took it very hard.  I felt bad for her.  I told Angela I would let her know anything as soon as possible.  Right away Angela said, Do you want me to go see you?”  I said we will leave it for a while.  Angela had phoned Glenn & told him, then Glenn phoned me.  We talked for over an hour.  Glenn was pretty worried.  He said he told his dad, shocked is all I can say.  I also phoned Is.  She could hardly believe it.  Also, the doc said I would definitely go for the operation.  Barb, as in Barb & Brian, phoned, & I told her I hadn’t planned on telling her quite just yet.  Barb was very shocked.  My biggest thing now laying over my head is telling Justin.  Won’t tell him till he gets home.  When I found out it was, or should I say Justin still had 7 days to go.  But of course now I don’t know if I will be able to go to Calgary.  I want to go so bad.  Justin is going to phone in a day or two, & I cannot tell him.  I’m just SO happy that he is coming home.  There is Floyd’s people to tell yet, & a few other people like Trish & Earnest.  Told Sherryl, & she will tell Kathy & Judy.  I was going to walk to Burger King with Floyd but didn’t think I could.  BUT after I have this operation I will walk all over town.