still dizzy

This is the 3rd day Mom is dizzy, not being able to walk on her own.  I put some hot damp clothes on her ears yesterday evening to alleviate her dizziness.  It helped temporarily.


A few days ago I felt something coming on – not a cold, exactly, but something.  I told Mom she should have a ColdFX capsule, but she declined.  Now she is ill.  I am confident it is the same virus.  The timing is too coincidental to not be.


Mom can usually be seen by 9:00am having breakfast either in front of the TV watching financial news weekdays or at the table reading the newspaper weekends.  But today she was still in bed by the time I left the house at 9:30am.

She complained of dizziness off-and-on all day yesterday.  This morning she thought she had a fever.  She was dizzy and could not get out of bed to have breakfast.  When I got back, she’d finished her breakfast but was sitting there on the couch all covered up in blankets.  (This isn’t entirely unusual, but today the heat is out.  More on my blog later.)

Later, at 1pm, she’s had a bowl of mushroom soup and is now laying down.  Her dizziness has stopped.  But I guess she feel she still needs to rest.

She’s been completely off the cannabis oil for a couple of weeks, I think, and she has lost another pound, the same pound she put on while on the oils.  Related?  You be the judge.

She tried to eat a supper I made last night but didn’t eat much – maybe half a Mom-sized plate.  Steak, baked potato, pan fried zucchini, beets, beet tops, & steamed cauliflower bits.  She ate the steak, beet tops, & cauliflower.

Floyd called the Home Care people, but apparently nobody is available!  The person normally assigned to Mom is away until October something.  We all commented to each other that it seems odd that nobody else is available.

We’ll see how the day goes.


Mom said to me that, should the Home Care people call, she doesn’t want them coming anymore since she isn’t dizzy anymore.  I thought that they should come anyway, but she’s quite opposed to it.


Mom was shivering this morning.

I did my usual thing of having morning coffee on my own then, upon waking up a bit more, joining the rest of the house to say “good morning”.  At 8:30AM, Mom was sitting in the living room with a blanket, coffee, & muffin shivering away.  I was alarmed.  She assured me that she’d be fine in a moment.

I guess she was.

cancer shrunk with new drug

Numbers don’t lie, and the sizes of her tumours have all gone down.  Here is a report from her last X-rays.  The doctor said that she is responding really well to the new medication.  He even went to far as to say that Mom would be in remission by next spring.  Read into that what you wish.  I firmly believe that it is entirely possible for her to be rid of cancer.

weight gain

Mom is quite pleased.  She’s gained a pound.  She was at 69 lbs. for a long time.  Now, according to her own scale and the doctor’s, she’s a whipping 70 lbs.  I attributed that to the cannabis oil she’d been taking for 3 weeks, but she doesn’t believe it.

no more cannabis

Mom discontinued using cannabis oil a few days ago.  She says it did nothing.  She was using 1 part THC and 2 parts CBD, 5 drops, 4 times daily, for about 2 weeks.  Before that, she was using 5 ~ 6 drops daily of 1 part THC and 4 parts CBD.

For those who do not know what the THC & CBD is: putting it simply, THC is the part that gives the buzz, and CBD counteracts the effects of THC.  Both are normally present in a natural cannabis plant.  THC is also responsible for increased appetite, pain management, reducing stress, and helping with sleep.

So, with Mom’s dosage and ratio, it is my opinion that she stood no chance of seeing any results.  I suggested a 1:1 ratio of both oils and 20 drops, 4 times per day.  Still no high, but increased effect for everything else.  Unfortunately, Mom doesn’t want to continue it, so that as they say is that.

cannabis schedule

Mom & Floyd went to the cannabis clinic yesterday to see about dosage.  I was supposed to go with them, but they went without me.

She is to increase to 0.1ml four times a day.  That’s, according to my calculations, rounding down, about 4 drops per dose, totalling 16 drops per day.  She’s been on 5 or 6 total per day from the start.  Each week it is to increase to 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, etc. until she feels some benefit.

I offered my opinion of there being no point in taking it if she takes such a low dosage.  To start with, to get used to the idea of taking cannabis, illegal in Canada for the past 100 years, taking 1-2 drops per day is what she suggested.  I explained the math.  She agreed on 6 (somehow, sometime reduced to 5).  But that was just to start, to ‘get her feet wet’.

What’s more, it’s 80% CBD oil and 20% THC.  This would mean that she was taking 1.2 drops of THC per day.  Absolutely no consequence – ill or beneficial.  And more again, CBD oil renders THC ineffective in giving a ‘high’, so even at a 50/50 mix she would not feel anything.

“I’ll start tomorrow.”  <sigh>  Why not today?  I said, “I understand what you’re doing.  I can hear the gears grinding, trying to find a reason to not take it.  But it’s your health, your decision.  You’re older than me – you know what the right decision is.”  So she took the drops.

Schedule: 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm; 4 drops each time.

I was going to type, “I hope I don’t come across as negative.”  Well, then I would have posted this.  Be it as it is.  If I sound negative, it’s because it’s like pulling teeth – wisdom teeth, from a horse, in the mud, in the winter – to get her to do what is beneficial to her.

Osimertinib & Cannabis

Mom had her doctor’s appointment today, the one we’ve all been waiting for for several months.  I didn’t know about the appointment today until they were walking out the door.  I would like to have gone to hear directly what the doc said, but that didn’t happen.

She has been approved for two medications – the cancer drug Osimertinib and medical cannabis.  Both seemed to take forever to get done.

Osimertinib (pronounced oh”·sim·er’·ti·nib) is the replacement of Teva-Erlotinib, the one she’s been on for several years.  The cancer, luckily, has genetically mutated into the type they suspected, which hopefully can be controlled by this new Osimertinib.  The doc suggested start with 7 days per week to know definitively if this new medication is working, but Mom said she only wants 3 or 4 days per week.  I suspect she expects the same side effects as the last one – tired all the time.  It will be delivered by mail, weirdly enough.

As well, she will soon be on cannabis oil – one part THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) (gives her appetite and controls overall aches & pains) to four parts CBD (Cannabidiol) (for pain, anxiety, & tiredness).  It also has possible effects of somewhat controlling cancer.

Here are some reports from today:

 7/12/2018  4:45 PM       602598 Annette 20180712 cancer report.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:45 PM       467177 Annette 20180712 medical cannabis note.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:50 PM       475304 Annette 20180712 Megestrol prescription.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:50 PM       708059 Annette 20180712 Osimertinib 001.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:50 PM       647161 Annette 20180712 Osimertinib 002.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:50 PM       702384 Annette 20180712 Osimertinib 003.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:50 PM       708620 Annette 20180712 Osimertinib 004.jpg

checkup & referral

Mom had her checkup yesterday.  Dr. Brigdon is away, but she saw someone else.  M&F commented that he smiles more.  I guess that’s a good thing.  He referred Mom to a cannabis clinic, as did Dr. Brigdon, to stimulate her appetite.  Her consultation with this clinic is June 30, 2018, at 10:00am.  Mom was pretty resolute in not being interested in cannabis because of the high would give, but her doctor explained that the clinic can set her up with treatments with a useful balance of THC (the high ingredient) and CBD (the counter to THC) so as to help her appetite, a side-effect of cannabis, but without making her high.