no change

Just an update.  There hasn’t been any change in Mom’s health recently.  She doesn’t visit the doctor’s office after a blood test.  They just talk over the phone.  She (they – Mom & Floyd) go to the hospital to give blood samples but not to actually see the doctor.  Mom still cooks now and then (but not much, & not often) and washes dishes when she can.  Sweeping the floor is out of the question however.  Just thought I’d keep everyone updated.


Mom had a backache a couple of days ago and then again yesterday.  The night before last, she woke up at 6:00am with a backache.  Floyd gave her a Tylenol, and she slept a bit longer, but it took a half hour to do anything.  The day before, she had a backache in the afternoon.  I asked if it had anything to do with her fall in the tub.  She said no because she could pinpoint where it would be sore if that were true, but her whole back was sore this time.  I suggested to Floyd that it wasn’t because of cancer – it was simply old age.  Many things, from cramping in her foot to backaches, are hard to blame on cancer.  Other things, like not being able to bend down to take her shoes off, which has been the case since she had her lung cavities drained, are directly or indirectly from cancer.

mostly good days

Mom wakes up pretty slowly without a lot of energy.  Sometimes she lies down again before she finishes her breakfast.  On bad days she lies down three times.  But most days she is good.  She finishes her breakfast and goes about her day.  Although she doesn’t get out of the car, she and Floyd go out for a drive now that the weather is warmer.  Just a general update – she’s doing fairly well – thought you should know.

poor breathing lately

Mom has had poor breathing lately, like for a few weeks now.  I can see that she is worse off now and gets tired more easily than several weeks ago.

This afternoon she said she had to tell me something, something she had already told Floyd.  I asked what it was, although I was sure I knew.  She said her breathing has gotten considerably worse lately.  I told her I knew, that she was slowly deteriorating for the past few weeks.

I asked her when her next doctor’s appointment is.  It is apparently next week.  I suggested that she should advance the appointment, or at least call to see if possible.  I was expecting an argument, but non happened.  Mom just said that she would phone tomorrow (Monday) and see.

She said that she didn’t want to get into a hospital.  I don’t blame her, especially with this virus going around.

I’ll keep you posted.

not “too many pills” (or, a good shin kicking)

Mom has been feeling poorly lately.  For the past couple of weeks, she’s been lying down more, not eating much at all, and having absolutely no appetite and no energy for anything.  I just found out why.

We were talking about her appetite stimulant medication at supper this evening.  She had only eaten about three tiny bites.  This plate looks almost the same as when I served it to her.

She commented that she mentioned to her doctor several weeks back that the pills didn’t seem to be helping much.  The doctor said she’d change her to something else, something more powerful, and that she’d only take two per day.  She’d been taking four previously.  The pharmacy said that she should be taking eight, but Mom balked at that and said that the doctor said to take only two.

Since then, I asked, did the milligrams go up?  No – or nobody can be sure because … well, nobody seems to pay attention to how many milligrams anything is, only counting the pills.  As it turns out, the pills are apparently exactly the same type and strength as before.  So, instead of increasing her dosage to try to get more energy going, she’s been taking half! and wondering why she’s so tired.

I insisted that she should be taking at least the same amount as before but that she should probably be taking six per day, not four, and certainly not two.  “But the pills will run out, and the doctor will ask me why,” she said.  “Then tell them you bloody need them and that they should cough the goddamn things up if you need them!”  WTH!

She’ll be taking four in the morning and two at night from now on.  If anything should happen because of that, I’ll go with her to the doctor and kick everybody in the shins.

I’ll keep you posted.

shortness of breath

Mom has experienced shortness of breath a few times.  This evening it lasted about 10 minutes.  She breathes heavily and can’t seem to catch up.  This has apparently happens a lot.  Things like this come and go.  She used to experience “panic attacks”, as she and her doctor call it, but they seem to have quietly subsided the past few weeks.  Now this shortness of breath happens instead.  Previously, pains in her side, cramps in her foot, and other things ailed her.  Now, a half hour later, she’s back in the living room watching TV, seemingly without breathing problems.

best customer

M&F went to the doc yesterday.  They also had some extra running around to do, so they were gone a long time.  When back, Mom said that Floyd had some good news to relay from the doctor.  According to her blood work, Mom is apparently this doctor’s “best customer”, as Floyd says.  That is, she has the healthiest blood test results of any of the doc’s clients with this type of cancer.  Aside from the cancer, she’s very, very healthy.