Welcome to Annette Thompson’s web log on her health.

Annette found out in Sept. 2011 that she had lung cancer.  She’s been fighting it since the beginning.  This blog lets people out there know about her condition and everything she’s doing.

I’m Allan (Justin), Annette’s son and the guy in charge of its creation and updates. As of Aug. 2017, this site was remade.  If you find any glitches, like videos that don’t work, please let me know.

Updates to this site come whenever updates happen in real life.  If you see “Justin:” (or nothing), it’s an entry from me.  If you see “Annette:“, you’ll know it’s her doing the typing, writing, dictating, or talking.  Floyd, her husband, could also be posting sometime.

Feel free to comment on anything.  I’ll make sure Mom gets the comments.