poor breathing lately

Mom has had poor breathing lately, like for a few weeks now.  I can see that she is worse off now and gets tired more easily than several weeks ago.

This afternoon she said she had to tell me something, something she had already told Floyd.  I asked what it was, although I was sure I knew.  She said her breathing has gotten considerably worse lately.  I told her I knew, that she was slowly deteriorating for the past few weeks.

I asked her when her next doctor’s appointment is.  It is apparently next week.  I suggested that she should advance the appointment, or at least call to see if possible.  I was expecting an argument, but non happened.  Mom just said that she would phone tomorrow (Monday) and see.

She said that she didn’t want to get into a hospital.  I don’t blame her, especially with this virus going around.

I’ll keep you posted.