blood clot scare

At about 6:45pm on March 18, 2020, Floyd called me to say that they (he and Mom) were at the hospital.  My heart sank.  He suggested that I should finish teaching my class and join them at the hospital, which was very close.  Of course, I cancelled class and went there.

With this COVID-19 / Coronavirus thing going on, the hospital was cautious.  “Have you been outside the country?  Do you have flu symptoms?”  No, not me.  I waited seemingly forever – about half an hour – then Floyd finally came out.  They were allowing only one visitor, and no switching back and forth – decide who visits and stick with it.

When I saw Mom, she was in the hospital bed, smiling, waiting for things to happen.  Several days before, she saw her regular doctor and explained that she was short of breath the past few days.  So on this day, the doctor called and said that she may have a blood clot in her lung and that she should go to Emergency right now to get it checked.

Long story short, they tested her, and there is no clot.  She was just short of breath.  However, the doctor did say that, judging from her X-ray, the cancer hand grown a little.  Whether he is a cancer doctor or not, or if he knows Mom’s full history, this may or may not actually be true.  But at least we know that there is no clot.

I am worried about this virus though.  It is a respiratory virus, so I’m taking precautions so as not to be of any threat to her.