update in health & well-being

Mom is doing okay these days.  As it is still cold out these days, she sits on her chair at the kitchen heat register in the morning and warms up.  It takes a while to get breakfast down.  If often takes a couple or few hours to feel like she can get going.  But, as long as she is kept warm, she and Floyd go out to Wal-Mart, downtown, Safeway, etc.  I know Floyd is itching to go out somewhere, so he goes for walks while I’m at home or even if I’m not if Mom is feeling good and not too tired.  I haven’t asked her her weight recently, so I don’t know.  I’m pretty sure she hasn’t put on any weight.  I suggested that they might take a road trip up North or Saskatchewan when the weather is warm.  But I really don’t know if Mom can handle any trip longer than an hour or so.  She frequently needs to lie down.  Last night in the middle of a TV show before bed, she had to lie down.  We talked for a bit.  She was concerned about how it might look to everyone.  “I don’t think anyone knows how this feels.”  She talked about having the energy sapped out of her and feeling like there is absolutely nothing she can do but lie down.  I told her that, no, unless this happens to someone else, they really don’t know how it would feel.  <sigh>  “When this happens, I just have to lie down and wait.  But when I feel good, I feel good.”

Mom continues to take her new cancer meds, appetite pills, and occasionally her Ventolin (“puffer”).  I’ll post an update in a couple of months after her next doctor’s appointment.