cancer cut in half – again

Doctor Brigden says Mom’s cancer has decreased to half of previously – again.  Good news.

 1/31/2019  3:49 PM       505419 Annette cancer report 20190131 002.jpg
 1/31/2019  3:50 PM       557528 Annette cancer report 20190131 003.jpg
 1/31/2019  3:50 PM       203995 Annette cancer report 20190131 004.jpg

So it looks like the new medication is really working well.  The doc still states that Mom should be in remission (yes, all cancer gone) by spring.  Mom cannot believe it.  “I’ll believe it when I see it,” she says.  But the proof is in the CT scan lab results.  (Previously, it was an X-ray.)

 9/19/2018  7:50 AM       648731 Annette Thompson cancer report 20180907.jpg

Unfortunately, Dr. Brigden is leaving.  He’s taking a position elsewhere outside of Lethbridge.  Mom isn’t too pleased with this.  But, because of Mom’s success with this new medication, the good doctor wants to keep in touch with Mom.  She’ll give him my email address and, I hope, this website.