panic attacks

Mom has been having ‘panic attacks’ lately.  They typically happen just as she starts to eat.  I’m guessing it is part physiological – it takes a lot of energy to digest food – and part psychological – she knows she has to eat and dreads it most times.

She says she has more of an appetite lately, like the past month or so.  I might attribute that to using the cannabis oil again, but it might be that she just knows she has to eat.  However, it’s really hard for her.

I think she also dreads someone harping at her that she has to eat.  Although it is true that she needs to eat to keep her strength up, and we (Floyd & I) remind her of it, she also doesn’t need that added stress.  “Don’t worry – you’ll eat when you can.”

As I write this (5:45pm), she’s laying down with an Ativan in hopes this feeling leaves.  It generally lasts about 10 to 20 minutes.

In the time it’s taken me to write this (and delete all the spam messages on this site [83 since mid-December 2018]), she’s back at the table to attempt supper again.