no more cannabis

Mom discontinued using cannabis oil a few days ago.  She says it did nothing.  She was using 1 part THC and 2 parts CBD, 5 drops, 4 times daily, for about 2 weeks.  Before that, she was using 5 ~ 6 drops daily of 1 part THC and 4 parts CBD.

For those who do not know what the THC & CBD is: putting it simply, THC is the part that gives the buzz, and CBD counteracts the effects of THC.  Both are normally present in a natural cannabis plant.  THC is also responsible for increased appetite, pain management, reducing stress, and helping with sleep.

So, with Mom’s dosage and ratio, it is my opinion that she stood no chance of seeing any results.  I suggested a 1:1 ratio of both oils and 20 drops, 4 times per day.  Still no high, but increased effect for everything else.  Unfortunately, Mom doesn’t want to continue it, so that as they say is that.