cannabis schedule

Mom & Floyd went to the cannabis clinic yesterday to see about dosage.  I was supposed to go with them, but they went without me.

She is to increase to 0.1ml four times a day.  That’s, according to my calculations, rounding down, about 4 drops per dose, totalling 16 drops per day.  She’s been on 5 or 6 total per day from the start.  Each week it is to increase to 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, etc. until she feels some benefit.

I offered my opinion of there being no point in taking it if she takes such a low dosage.  To start with, to get used to the idea of taking cannabis, illegal in Canada for the past 100 years, taking 1-2 drops per day is what she suggested.  I explained the math.  She agreed on 6 (somehow, sometime reduced to 5).  But that was just to start, to ‘get her feet wet’.

What’s more, it’s 80% CBD oil and 20% THC.  This would mean that she was taking 1.2 drops of THC per day.  Absolutely no consequence – ill or beneficial.  And more again, CBD oil renders THC ineffective in giving a ‘high’, so even at a 50/50 mix she would not feel anything.

“I’ll start tomorrow.”  <sigh>  Why not today?  I said, “I understand what you’re doing.  I can hear the gears grinding, trying to find a reason to not take it.  But it’s your health, your decision.  You’re older than me – you know what the right decision is.”  So she took the drops.

Schedule: 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm; 4 drops each time.

I was going to type, “I hope I don’t come across as negative.”  Well, then I would have posted this.  Be it as it is.  If I sound negative, it’s because it’s like pulling teeth – wisdom teeth, from a horse, in the mud, in the winter – to get her to do what is beneficial to her.