Osimertinib & Cannabis

Mom had her doctor’s appointment today, the one we’ve all been waiting for for several months.  I didn’t know about the appointment today until they were walking out the door.  I would like to have gone to hear directly what the doc said, but that didn’t happen.

She has been approved for two medications – the cancer drug Osimertinib and medical cannabis.  Both seemed to take forever to get done.

Osimertinib (pronounced oh”·sim·er’·ti·nib) is the replacement of Teva-Erlotinib, the one she’s been on for several years.  The cancer, luckily, has genetically mutated into the type they suspected, which hopefully can be controlled by this new Osimertinib.  The doc suggested start with 7 days per week to know definitively if this new medication is working, but Mom said she only wants 3 or 4 days per week.  I suspect she expects the same side effects as the last one – tired all the time.  It will be delivered by mail, weirdly enough.

As well, she will soon be on cannabis oil – one part THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) (gives her appetite and controls overall aches & pains) to four parts CBD (Cannabidiol) (for pain, anxiety, & tiredness).  It also has possible effects of somewhat controlling cancer.

Here are some reports from today:

 7/12/2018  4:45 PM       602598 Annette 20180712 cancer report.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:45 PM       467177 Annette 20180712 medical cannabis note.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:50 PM       475304 Annette 20180712 Megestrol prescription.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:50 PM       708059 Annette 20180712 Osimertinib 001.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:50 PM       647161 Annette 20180712 Osimertinib 002.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:50 PM       702384 Annette 20180712 Osimertinib 003.jpg
 7/12/2018  4:50 PM       708620 Annette 20180712 Osimertinib 004.jpg