three pills per week, no news on blood tests

Since May 5, 2018, Mom has been taking three cancer tablets per week instead of her regular four.  She’s been pretty tired the past few months and has missed going out places or stays in the car, like when Floyd goes shopping.  Not so good.  So, because this pill really knocks the energy out of her, she’s decided to go back to three.  There’s been no change on average in the cancer cells, so we’re hoping this will not adversely affect her.

There is still no news on the blood test.  Her blood test is May 22 and followup appointment is May 24.  It was supposed to be two weeks since they sent the blood back East, but it’s been two month now, and still no word.  The importance of this test, as you can read from earlier posts, is that they can determine if a new cancer drug will work on Mom or not.  If so, she can discontinue the ones that make her so worn out.  I’ll keep you posted.

This is from a couple of days ago.