no dental surgery needed

Mom was quite concerned about two of her teeth.  She just went for fillings a couple of days ago (supposed to be 2, got 3), and the dentist said that the two teeth he previously said would have to be pulled don’t actually have to be.  He looked at the X-rays and said it really wasn’t necessary.  So this is good news.  Mom apparently laughted when she left the dentist’s office.  Floyd asked where she was ’cause she couldn’t possibly be laughing if coming from the dentist.  Her impression was that, at her age, this wasn’t such a good idea.  (In other words, it wouldn’t be worth the effort.)  Now one might think that’s pretty crass, but from Mom’s point of view it was very good news.  She’d have to be sedated – hard on her system.  The two teeth were to be pulled, and new fake teeth were to be bridged across.  She only had two days with toothaches.  I gave her some Orajel, and it “went away”.