cancer drug update

Mom has some news from her doc’s appointment today.
They’ve come up with a new way of testing whether or not someone would benefit from a new drug that’s been developed. Previously, the doc said a biopsy of lung material was needed. He said that this wasn’t possible because of Mom’s weakened state – she’d (now this is Mom repeated what the doc said) “die on the table”. Now, however, they can do a blood test. It’s done in Toronto. No, she wouldn’t need to travel there. They just send the blood. “How soon can this be done?” Mom said. “Right now,” the doc said. So he’ll send her blood to Toronto to be tested.
The word “remission” was mentioned. I don’t have a recording of this doc’s appointment. However, here’s a video of Mom explaining the whole thing.

Annette cancer drug update 20180329_181500.AVI

You might recall another talk Mom had about the biopsy surgery.

Annette talking about biopsy surgery 20120117_232300 s1.wmv
Annette talking about biopsy surgery 20120117_232300.wmv

I’ll keep everyone posted.