bladder cancer

Mom has not been feeling well the past few weeks.  She went for her regular blood checkup last week.  They said they found blood in her urine.  The doc on duty said that it was probably cancer in the bladder.  I’m not sure how accurate a non-cancer specialist could be in this diagnosis.  Mom seems to think it’s true.  She’ll go Wednesday at 9:00am to see her regular doctor to talk about the test.

I mentioned to her that sometimes people have their bladder taken out; some discreetly carry around a bag with them.  She said there’s no way that she would survive surgery.  I also suggested that they may have a very effective treatment – no one knows until she sees the doctor.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

from 4 to 3 pills

Mom decided to reduce her cancer pills from 4 per week to 3.  Why?  She’s saying that she has no energy, that she’s tired all the time.  Floyd suggested to try 3 for one week then 4 the next and back to 3, etc.  Just a quick update.  I’ll keep everyone posted.