Mom’s voice & hearing, age

I’ve noticed that Mom’s voice is very crackly now.  She doesn’t have the lung power to push her voice out normal.  She feels badly about this and knows that, since her fall, things like this have been creeping up.  Yesterday we talked about this.  She can feel that things are very different, going downhill, as they say.

Yet, having said that, she is able to walk more without help (being wheeled across the house in her office chair), and she even made supper last night.  Meatloaf, asparagus, and mashed potatoes, if you want to know.  Floyd mashed the potatoes though.  That would be beyond what she can do.  Since her fall in the tub, she’s not made muffins or supper or my lunches for college (something she still so badly wants to do).

Mom’s hearing is not what it used to be either.  Her left ear is weak.  Even when talking in what I would call a normal voice in front of her, she still has trouble.  I think the TV is louder these days, too.

No change in the cancer situation.  She’s still on Tarceva daily.

How do I put this without sounding brash.  Well, just say it.  I’ve told her years ago that I thought she would die of old age, not of cancer.  I maintain this is true.  And she is now 81.  Then again, her mom lived to 93, so I believes she has a long while yet to go before she gives up.  …  It might sound brash to say so, but she says that she herself doesn’t feel bad about that.