home again

Mom is home again.  She came back yesterday afternoon.  She seems to have not been too impressed this time by the lack of, well, whatever she was expecting.  The doctor previously made it seem as though she should bet pumped up there – nutrition, hydration, rest, etc. – but this never happened.  It seems communication between the admitting doctor and the nurses and staff didn’t happen.

One nurse actually took Mom’s meds away saying, “You don’t need these now.”  Now, when a nurse says your meds are no longer needed it’s because one of two things – you’re doomed or you’re cured.  So obviously I (Justin) thought the worst.

As it turns out, so far as I know, the doctors were considering keeping Mom on Tarceva, her regular cancer meds, or switching up to a new form called …  We just looked for it.  It was thrown away.  Can’t remember what it was called, but it was the newest version of the cancer drug available now.

When – not if, but when – Tarceva stops being effective, this other drug will be used.  So it could be that the docs weren’t entirely sure what to do just yet.  But to be told in the hospital by nursing staff that you won’t be needing them, this seems a little tactless.

Mom’s eating lots.  I made steak, broiled potato cubes, and corn for lunch, and all three of us ate.  Mom seems to be eating more than she was a few weeks ago.  Her weakness in walking and other tasks is still there, but I don’t think it’s as bad as before.

She’s happy to be home but still complains about being tired.

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