cancer unchanged, hospital

Mom is now in hospital again.  She was hoping to admit herself into hospital to gain some strength, a ‘boost’ so-to-speak.  Floyd and I were talking about this.  The last time she tried this, she wanted to leave the next day.  No, she wasn’t tired there, but all she did was lie in bed and get up to use the washroom now and then – virtually no exercise, no activities (Wal-Mart, Tim Hortons), no real choice in foods, no snacks for when she gets hungry, and no family around her, and no sleeping at home.  What will she gain in hospital?  I’m not altogether sure.  I hope she gains strength and weight while she is there.

She had her checkup with Dr. Brigdon, her cancer doctor, and he said the cancer is unchanged since last time.  It might sound good at first glance, but she’s been on Tarceva seven days a week and was hoping the cancer would have decreased in size considerably; it did not.  But this is only from X-ray, and X-ray doesn’t really show a lot of detail.

Mom says she cannot go on seven days per week of Tarceva anymore.  It tires herself out too much.  It robs her of energy.  She says she’ll go four or five but not seven.

I’ll update everyone when I know more.  I (Allan) will not see her this evening, but Floyd will.