diet, protein powder

Mom’s diet and quantity are both pretty limited these days.  There are lots of foods she doesn’t like anymore, and her appetite is limited.

She’s taking medication to improve her appetite.  It’s working, but she still doesn’t eat much.  The foods she previously liked, like peas and carrots … kidding!  She’s always hated peas and carrots.  That’s kind of an inside joke.  We go to a restaurant, and she asks what vegetables they’re serving.  If it’s peas and carrots, she tells them to keep it.  Smitty’s is one place that does substitutions.  They bring sliced tomato and something else instead.  Anyway, pretty much everything she previously enjoyed doesn’t taste the same, so she just doesn’t enjoy eating.

So I bought some protein powder.

That did not go over well.  It acted like more of a laxative than anything.  Extreme proteins, like eggs for example, have never agreed with her.  But she is drinking the juice concoction I made, which is good, just so long as it’s not mixed in with this protein.