the morning routine

Floyd is gone golfing with Jeremy this morning. I’m here the kitchen table with my breakfast attending to Mom.
She’s been home a few days now. She’s tired most of the time. “I don’t understand it. I wasn’t tired in the hospital. I expected to be good when I got home. But I’m tired all the time.” I suggested she’s tired because she’s getting exercise. She just laid there in the hospital. She only got up to go to the bathroom.

She’s not on any pain killers now. Her back isn’t sore this morning. She and Floyd have their set way of doing stuff.

  • Floyd gets up.
  • Floyd puts hot tap water into two cups to warm them.
  • Floyd goes for a walk, sometimes to McDonald’s for a coffee.
  • Floyd gets home.
  • Mom gets up.
  • Floyd turns on the coffee.
  • Floyd microwaves half a muffin and pours a coffee, microwaves it, and puts a plastic lid on it for Mom.
  • Mom writes down stock market numbers from the TV (BNN – Business News Network, I think).

This is how life is. Not bad.