Last Thursday Mom and Floyd got a walker from the Canadian Red Cross. Mom complained that it wasn’t as the doctor suggested – that it was all free – but that it was in fact by donation. As well, you don’t get to keep it. It must be returned to the RC when not needed. Read more about walker[…]

blood test, doctor apnt

Mom went for a blood test today. Routine, I guess. But this time they took two vials. “I can’t believe it,” she says. There’s also an appointment this coming Friday to see the doctor about her CAT scan that she had done in the hospital. We’ll post something when we know.

bathroom hand rails

Justin: I put up some hand rails (grab bars) this evening for Mom to have a shower with.  She said they were nice but that she’s too tired tonight to have a shower.  At least her new shower chair and mat are there. video: mp4 – webm – avi – mov

Annette’s new blog online

Here’s Annette’s new health blog.  It’s an “upgrade” from previous versions.  Sorry about it being offline for so long.  I’ll try to keep a tighter rein on when the server being up and running. I’ll backdate all entries previously posted on the old web.  All new entries should be after this one.

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more pics & vids: Annette in hospital 20170816_095159 sleeping.jpg Annette in hospital 20170816_122528 lunch macaroni & cheese, mushroom soup, juice, pudding.jpg Annette in hospital 20170816_122533 eating macaroni & cheese.jpg