surgery pretty good, flu

Justin: Mom went to her doctor’s appointment.  The powder treatment for around her lung has gone almost all the way around the lung cavity.  I’m not sure, but it is apparently supposed to travel around the entire lung to be effective.  I’m supposing that the fluids around the lung will carry this substance to where it needs to be.  The doc said this was not great but pretty good.

Mom’s appetite pills … well, firstly, it is not Dr. Oviat who prescribes this, but rather Dr. Kisuk.  Mom doesn’t see her for another couple or few weeks.  Secondly, Dr. Oviat strongly suggested this prescription was not a good idea since there are so many side effects from any time of appetite-altering drug.  So it has been decided that Mom will not pursue this.

It seems likely that Mom caught some sort of flu while in hospital causing her fever and some of her weakness.  She seems to be recovering from that but is still weak and must lie down a couple of times per day.

Monday evening she did not wait up for me to arrive home from work (close to 10PM).  She left word with Floyd and Glenn that she apologizes for this.  Of course, there was no apology necessary, but she felt it nonetheless.  This evening she did wait up.  Glenn made dinner twice in the past week, and Floyd also.  She would ask if it was okay for her to go to sleep early (around 9 or 9:30PM).  She simply cannot stay awake and visit.  She feels it is her duty to do such things but now understands that she often times cannot.

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