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Justin: Yesterday I called Alberta Health Link, a health advice hotline, to discuss Mom’s fever.  The night before last it was 37.7°C – nothing serious but warranting watch.  In the morning she was up to 38.3°C, so I called for advice.  After an hour or so on the phone with AHL and, after, a nursing home care administrator and dozens of questions and answers, they finally decided to try to dispatch a nurse.  Being the weekend, not many nurses were on call, but the fever a few days after surgery concerned them.

Later, while Glenn and I were out, a nurse came by to see Mom.  Floyd was here.  She thought there was no infection from surgery.  She was also not concerned about the fever.  Floyd and I think it was caused by a flu she picked up in the hospital.  The nurse did, however, say that Mom must eat more.  She has two or three bites of something (breakfast, lunch, dinner, anything) and says she’s full.  I’ve repeatedly asked her to be on the medication that allows her her appetite.  She’d agreed in the past many times, but Floyd and Glenn have also voiced up.  Everybody needs food to live.  If you’re not getting it, of course you’ll be weak all the time.  She’s starving herself, slowly, over many weeks and months.  She has absolutely no appetite and says, “I just can’t,” when meal time comes.  She isn’t even drinking her Boost now.

Her appointment with Dr. Oviat is tomorrow morning.  I’ve stressed to Floyd as well that he must say something to the doctor or she will simply fade away to nothing.  She’s now 86 pounds.  She cannot walk by herself to another room.  She must lay down several times a day now.  The pain in her leg comes and goes.  It seems to me that that pain is a diabetes pain.

More news when it happens.

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