hair coming back curly

Justin: According to her hairdresser, Mom’s hair is coming in again.  There’s new hair of about 1 inch all over.  Mom’s been losing her hair since the beginning of her cancer due to medication, but lately she’s had new hair growth.  What’s more, it’s coming in curly!  She told the woman doing her perm that she might not have to come back there – except for haircuts!

good news!

Justin: A couple of days ago Mom had an appointment to discuss the CAT scan she had a couple of days previously.  Good news!  The chemotherapy pills are working!  Here are some highlights from the written report:

  • There are no new metastatic lesions identified.

  • Impression: Overall, the findings are consistent with a very positive response to treatment.  The post-radiation changes in the right upper lobe have remained stable.  The right pleural effusion is smaller.  The preiously documented pulmonary nodules continue to regress.  The small nodule in the left lobe of the liver appears smaller.  No new intrathoracic or intraabdominal abnormality has developed since the prior study to suggest a new or deteriorating metastatic lesion.

So basically the diagnosis is that the medicine is working!  No new cancer, and the cancer that’s there is shrinking!  The unbelievable news is that only 10% of people who take this medicine have ‘positive’ results.  Only 10%!  And Mom is among them.

Mom told me the news December 5, 2013.  She started with, “Can you get your camera?  Got some good news to tell you.”

So Mom’s off the medication for two months.  Can you believe that these pills are $2000~$3000 per month?  Seriously!  Lucky thing they have insurance.