CAT scan results

Mom had her appointment with the doc to tell the result of her CAT scan.  The doctor very positively leaned close to Mom and said, “Very good news.”  And, yes, it is!  The major tumour has
shrunk!  Here’s a copy of what the doc wrote.

The inhomogeneous triangular shaped opacity in the anterior upper ght hemithorax which is consistent with radiation change appears stable with no evidence of a recurrent mass in this location. No evidence of mediastinal lymphadenopathy and the mediastinum appears unchanged. A right pleural effusion persists but is slightly smaller than on the previous examination.

Most of the previously noted lung parenchymal nodules have shown significant improvement including resolution of two lesions in the lingula measuring about 6-7 mm as well as a previously noted pleural based lesion in the anterolateral left lobe measuring 8 mm and a left lung base nodule measuring 8 mm. A dominant nodule measuring 8 mm in the medial right base and centrally in the right base measuring 8 mm have almost completely resolved. No definite new nodule. Tiny residual pleural based nodule is seen in the anterior left lower lobe measuring under 5 mm and a 4 mm nodule is noted in the left upper lobe with an additional residual nodule in the right lower lobe measuring 4 mm

A hypodense solid lesion in the anterior aspect of the medial left lobe of the liver measuring 17 mm is not definitely changed from the previous examination and could represent a metastatic focus. No additional liver abnormality detected.

The adrenals, kidneys, spleen, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder and biliary ducts appear unremarkable. No evidence of retroperitoneal or mesenteric lymphadenopathy.

Impression: Significant improvement with near complete resolution of previously noted lung parenchymal nodules. Several residual small nodules are identified but there are no new nodules detected. The previously noted right pleural effusion has decreased in volume.

The solid lesion along the anterior aspect of the medial left lobe of the liver appears unchanged and may represent a metastatic focus. No additional intraabdominal abnormality detected.

To make it short, the major tumour that started it all has shrunk, and some of the other spots have either disappeared or shrunk.  No new spot have been detected.  The spot on the liver hasn’t change and is considered not cancer.

So Mom’s been off the chemo pill of 150 units (not sure what unit it is – maybe mg) for a couple weeks now and will be put on a lesser dose (100) for a month or so.  I’ll keep you posted when I hear more.

blood test

Justin: blood test
Mom just went for blood tests again (a regular occurrence).  We’ll see how well she did in a couple days.

off chemo pills
Mom finished her chemotherapy pills almost two weeks ago.  She had been looking forward to their completion for some time.  Her appetite is back now.  She seems to be tasting more, too.  “Sorry the supper’s not so good,” she would say.  We would tell her it tastes as good as ever.  “I guess my taster’s gone.”  Well now it’s back, so it seems.