no more chemo

Justin: no more chemo
Mom has decided not to have chemotherapy because it makes her ill.  She tastes and smells chemo, had no energy, and is often too tired to go someplace or do something.  She’s just not really up to more of this chemo.  The problem is that she cannot really change her mind.  Once she decides not to have this, it’s the end of chemo.

fever update

Justin: fever update
Mom seems to be doing okay now.  She’s back to her usual self.  She had a fever the next day as well, but she and Floyd said that they were not going to the hospital since all they did there was give Tylenol and administer tests.  Well, she can take Tylenol here at home, and nothing new will result in the same tests being done a couple days later.  Besides, the other tests of blood samples she’d just given probably haven’t even been done yet.  Her fever wasn’t very high – about 38 degrees C.  I’ll keep you posted if / when anything else happens.


Mom went to the hospital last night (Wed evening).  I’ll first say that she is now doing alright. 

I got back and found this note.

Of course I phoned Floyd right away.  He said Mom was basically just sitting in an office waiting for tests to be done.  They finally got home at 1:15am.

The strange thing is her doctor told her that, should she develop a fever during her chemotherapy treatment, she should go to the hospital right away – don’t take Tylenol or anything else for the fever – just get to the hospital at the first sign of a fever.  Well, they did that, but the first thing the hospital staff did was administer three Tylenols for the fever.  They did a few tests as well and scheduled more tests for the next few days, but nothing conclusive came of it.

She slept in today.

 5/16/2013  9:36 AM         9365 Annette's note gone to hospital 2013-05-16.jpg


Mom’s new set of wheels

Mom finally broke down and bought a wheelchair.  They were talking over morning coffee Saturday.  Mom said that she would like to, that day, go to Shoppers and look at wheelchairs.  Immediately, Floyd said they should go right then.  I met them there.  We looked at a “transport chair” for $150 but then saw, on their way up to pay, another chair, an actual wheelchair, for $20 more.  (They cashed in their points and got $60 off.)  The transport chair doesn’t have large wheels that the rider can turn with their arms, making it impossible to be independent.  The wheelchair they chose does – and, as Mom pointed out, was a much nicer colour – red!  They bought it, and it now sits in their van.

Over lunch, Mom said rather pensively, “Do you think it’s a dumb idea to bring the wheelchair in the house so I could try it?”  “Of course it’s not a dumb idea,” I said.  “It would be a smart idea to practise all the features here rather than in the stores.”  We had a go at riding in and pushing the chair.  She’s quite happy.

Here are some pictures and videos.  If the links aren’t working, please tell me.

Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_125538 e1.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_125538.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_125659.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_125709.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_125731.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_125819.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_125829.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_125959 c1.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_125959.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_130008.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_130043.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair IMG_20130504_130057.jpg
Annette's red wheelchair VID_20130504_130021.avi
Annette's red wheelchair VID_20130504_130021.mp4
Annette's red wheelchair VID_20130504_130539.avi
Annette's red wheelchair VID_20130504_130539.mp4

Next, after supper, they said they might travel to Medicine Hat on Monday (May 6, 2013) and stay overnight.  I guess the both of them are getting a little anxious to get out of the house.