start chemotherapy

Today Mom starts her chemotherapy.  It all begins at 8:45AM.  We don’t know how many treatments she’ll have, nor do we know how long each treatment will last.  We speculate about 3 hours.  I’ll keep you posted. video: Annette’s cancer checkup 20130225_175431.wmv


Justin: spots I’ll start off today’s entry on a sad note.  Mom went to the doctor yesterday to check up on why she’s been coughing lately.  It was also a follow-up to her CAT scan of her lungs.  <sigh>  Results: she has spots on her left lung now and, yes, they are cancer.  When Mom Read more about spots[…]

doing well

Justin: The past couple months have been quite good for Mom.  She’d gotten bouts of tiredness but was for the most part good.  The past week, however, she’s been tired and winded daily.  Today she seems better, but the past few days she’s needed help walking to the bedroom.  As well, she now has a Read more about doing well[…]