Christmas, memory

Justin: Christmas has come & gone, and all is more or less well.  Company showed up early yesterday, and Mom was quite distraught over this as she always wants to be prepared and hadn’t been at that point.  During the day she laid down once for for one hour.  After getting up, she was dazed, disoriented, and somewhat incoherent.  Over the next 20 minutes or so she recovered and was back on track.

It was a good Christmas for Mom as she was in fairly good health and was surprised at the number of presents she’d received.  Company was enjoyable, and she was in good spirits the whole time.

Mom’s memory continues to get worse.  She tends to argue more often about being right when she cannot remember something accurately.  From day to day there are several examples of her memory not quite what it was before.  Given a few hints she can sometimes remember again.  However, “Did I wash the dishes last night?” she just this moment asked Floyd while standing at the door before heading out.  “No, Justin did,” he said.  “Did we play cards last night?  Who won?”  “You did, Annette,” Floyd replied.  This is more commonplace now and no longer a surprising occurrence.  Just the same, it is disheartening to see her memory fail.  I can only attribute it (and this is only my observation) to a) medication, b) overall stresses, c) her cancer, and d) growing old.

Her energy level is not bad during the day, but she gets tired at night and falls asleep during movies.  Of course, this isn’t uncommon.  Many people fall asleep while sitting in their easy chair.  She still enjoys watching movies at home, going out for meals at various places, and shopping.  She sometimes talks about wanting to go on a road trip with Floyd.  He is apprehensive of doing so due to the wintery conditions as of late.  I’m sure they’ll travel more soon.

Mom has stopped drinking Boost, an energy and vitamin drink.  Since the tumour had shrunk and continues to stay the same size, she believes she is more well than previously and hence doesn’t need the extra ‘boost’.  She does, however, continue to take all her medication and doesn’t hesitate to use her inhaler.