steroid, doing better than most

Floyd: Dr. Shukkoor put her back on the steroid and medication to keep it from hurting the stomach.  Panalock it’s called.  So she has to take one pill.  It’s medication from before that Annette quit taking, but now she’s back on it.  She complained about her voice, and Vanessa suggested rinsing her throat after using all inhalers and drinking more water.  Vanessa suggested she use that blue inhaler for opening up the airways to make it easier to breathe, which Annette has not been using – almost never.

Annette: And also he said that I’m better than all other patients because I can still go out and do all those things like housework, cooking, going to the store, shopping, and all those other things.

He got the results of the X-rany.  He had to go get them.  They didn’t come to him.  15 X-rays from Jennifer at the Jack Ady Centre, and they show no signs of any cancer anywhere – like the bone – other than the lung.  He said the ordered a bone scan.  “If you want that, that’s fine, but I know there’s no cancer in the bone.”  And he says I’m in “real good shape” for having cancer.  That was good.