chest, shoulder, mouth X-rays

Annette & Floyd: July 27, I had a chest X-ray, and a few days later they said there’s “very little change”.  I met with Jennifer (a specialty nurse who can prescribe medication and ask for test and such), and she said that she’s going to make an appointment in a month’s time.  She asked for a bone scan, but no appointment has been made yet.  She’s concerned about the shoulder, whether there’s any cancer in the bones – any abnormalities or lesions in the shoulder.  Also, that same day, I had 15 shoulder X-rays, supposedly in my shoulder, and 5 or 6 in my mouth.  I had to open my mouth wide-open.  They looked at it and said with X-rays they can’t see very much.  They have to wait for bones scans.  Boy, I sure hope it’s not bone cancer, cancer of the bone or anything.  Also, they made do radiation if it’s in the shoulder.

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