Justin: Mom & Floyd had planned to head East tomorrow, their “Sask-Man” (Saskatchewan and Manitoba) trip, to see everyone there.  It is postponed due to fatigue.  Mom, in the past week or so, has been getting progressively worse in terms of energy level.  She often falls asleep during the day, either in her armchair or in bed.  Her hands shake, lips tremble, eyes close.

A few hours later she manages to get up and find the energy to go out shopping with Floyd, being driven to the doors of wherever they go.  It’s a good thing they have the disability sign in the van.  It makes moving from van to store and back again much easier.

She goes to bed at a somewhat normal time, generally, but it is getting a few minutes earlier each night.  Sometimes she’s up again at 5AM, sometimes she sleeps until past 8AM.  This morning she was up at 5AM talking with Isobel (her ex-husband’s sister) who is also up early most of the time.

She eats like a bird most times but tries to down whatever is on her plate.  With her best intentions, she puts another 50% more on her plate than she can handle, but nearing the end she offloads it onto Floyd’s plate or sometimes mine.

Mom recently got acupuncture for her right arm.  It’s been giving her pain for more than a week now.  I suggested acupuncture since it’s helped me and so many others.  She asked me if the needles hurt; I told her no.  Surprisingly, she was open to the idea and asked her doctor about it.  Her appointment was booked for a couple days later.  Her comments were that the needles didn’t hurt.  There were seven in total.  She didn’t book another as she thought they were going to Sask-Man the following Sunday.  Perhaps she’ll book another now.  I told her that, generally, one visit takes 10% of the pain away, two visits another 20%, the third another 30% (totalling 60%), and the next one should get it all.  Whether she does or not, time will tell.

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