home care nurse

Justin: Mom’s family doctor clinic apparently wants to send a … nurse? here, home, to see what Mom’s diet and eating habits are like.  We’re not sure when this will happen.  They’ll call first.  They’re quite worried about Mom’s general weakness in getting around and sudden spells of fatigue.

list of meds

Justin: Yesterday about 12:00 or 1:00PM Mom went to her doctor’s office to get a refill on some medicine, but she had a weak spell while there.  It was one of the worst yet.  Of course being in the doctor’s office, her doctor and nurses swarmed around her to help her.  They did blood tests, gave her some medicine under her tongue for stress relief, and even called the hospital to admit her.  The hospital said there were not beds available.  They asked what my phone number was, but she couldn’t remember well and gave them the wrong number.  I had my phone at work, but of course it didn’t ring.  Floyd was at a mall close by, so they contacted the mall’s office to have him paged, but they refused.  By the time Floyd got back, Mom was resting and trying to recover.

Upon hearing this story yesterday afternoon after work, I compiled a list with phone numbers, medicines Mom is taking, and other info.  I want her and Floyd to carry a copy each of this with them at all times.

Annette *** Thompson

birthdate: ***

husband: Floyd Thompson mobile: 403-***-****

son: Justin ‘Allan’ Johnston mobile: 403-***-**** work: 403-***-****

Alberta Health Care: ***

doctor: Rozamin Devraj-Kizuk, Palliser Medical Clinic 403-***-**** client ****

clinic: Thom Baker Cancer Clinic L038284

driver’s licence: ***

home: *** *** Ave. S., Lethbridge, AB *** ***; 403-***-****

meds: Spiriva 18mcg (DIN 02246793) 1/day;

Salbutamol 100mcg (DIN 02245669) as needed;

Senokot-S (DIN 00026234) 2/night;

Pr Estrogel (DIN 02238704) 2/week;

Lorazepam 1mg (Tx# 12425943) 3/day

Risedronate Sodium 35mg (DIN 02298392) 1/week

Simbicort Budesonide/Formoter 200/6 (Tx# 12436311) 120 dose 2/day

supplements: vitamin D 1000 IU (DIN 02245842) 2/day

Calcium Magnesium w/ Vitamin D (calcium 333mg, magnesium 167mg, vitamin D3 cholecalciferol 5mcg/200 IU) (NPN80007103) 2/day

Omega-3 1065mg (NPN 80003017) 1/day

Ginkgo Biloba 40mg (NPN ?) 1/day

Lots of times clinics want to know exactly what she’s taking, but nobody can remember it all.  I hope it won’t have to be used, but it’s there now.


Justin: Mom & Floyd had planned to head East tomorrow, their “Sask-Man” (Saskatchewan and Manitoba) trip, to see everyone there.  It is postponed due to fatigue.  Mom, in the past week or so, has been getting progressively worse in terms of energy level.  She often falls asleep during the day, either in her armchair or in bed.  Her hands shake, lips tremble, eyes close.

A few hours later she manages to get up and find the energy to go out shopping with Floyd, being driven to the doors of wherever they go.  It’s a good thing they have the disability sign in the van.  It makes moving from van to store and back again much easier.

She goes to bed at a somewhat normal time, generally, but it is getting a few minutes earlier each night.  Sometimes she’s up again at 5AM, sometimes she sleeps until past 8AM.  This morning she was up at 5AM talking with Isobel (her ex-husband’s sister) who is also up early most of the time.

She eats like a bird most times but tries to down whatever is on her plate.  With her best intentions, she puts another 50% more on her plate than she can handle, but nearing the end she offloads it onto Floyd’s plate or sometimes mine.

Mom recently got acupuncture for her right arm.  It’s been giving her pain for more than a week now.  I suggested acupuncture since it’s helped me and so many others.  She asked me if the needles hurt; I told her no.  Surprisingly, she was open to the idea and asked her doctor about it.  Her appointment was booked for a couple days later.  Her comments were that the needles didn’t hurt.  There were seven in total.  She didn’t book another as she thought they were going to Sask-Man the following Sunday.  Perhaps she’ll book another now.  I told her that, generally, one visit takes 10% of the pain away, two visits another 20%, the third another 30% (totalling 60%), and the next one should get it all.  Whether she does or not, time will tell.