asbestos, black mold at Extendicare

Justin: Now we know the probable reason for Mom’s lung cancer.  She worked for 14 years at Extendicare, a nursing home.  There are 16 people who worked there who died of cancer.  Why?  A) Asbestos was used in the building.  The managers knew about this and did nothing about it.  They were told by authorities to put up signs for both workers and residents, but none were.  (There was one sign put up in a nurse’s room behind something so it could not be seen.)  Finally, the building was closed down by authorities, but it’s too late for those 16 who have died already.  B) Mold.  Yes, toxic black mold, the same thing that is making me ill right now.  The roofs leaked, but they put … get this … bales of hay in the ceiling to absorb the moisture.  Of course, everything got moldy.  There was even a flood once, but, instead of taking out mold-damaged building materials, they painted over it.

There is now a class-action law suit brought on by two survivors.  Mom is now considering joining them.  I’ll post more here as I hear it.