back pain

Justin: Mom thought she’d have to go to the hospital last night due to back pain.  She complained about a sore back just before bed – lasted maybe a half hour.  But then the real pain started.  It went from 11:15PM to 12:15AM.  “Worst I’ve ever had in my whole life,” she says this morning.  “I’ll take the chest pain any day.”

week of radiation

Justin: Mom has had more than one week of treatment so far.  As I told Glenn last night on the phone, the idea of the doctors changing Mom’s treatment from 2 weeks to 5 and upping the dosage of radiation sounds to me like they are hopeful of the treatment working.  If it knocks the cancer back and prevents it from growing and / or spreading, then great.  We’ll see how things go after.

first radiation

Justin: We just heard from the doctor’s office here in Lethbridge that Mom’s first radiation therapy treatment will be this coming Monday, February 13, 2012, at 10:00AM.  It’s been a year since she started developing symptoms, and this will be the first treatment for it.  Every other visit to a doctor’s office was been for tests, tests, and more tests.  Finally, something being done.  The therapy will be for two weeks.  “We can do some travelling in a couple weeks,” she said to Floyd and me.