therapy in Lethbridge

Annette: Dr. Sinha phoned and said that I can take intense therapy in Lethbridge, and I was extremely glad that I didn’t have to go to Calgary because I would have to stay alone or Floyd would have to go along, and it’s a long time to stay.  Otherwise, I’m alone for a whole week, for 4 or 5 weeks.  Anyway, he said that I can have that intense radiation in Lethbridge for only 2 weeks.  I’m not sure why 2.  So now we’re waiting for a call from Calgary to set this up with a doctor here in Lethbridge.  In the mean time, Calgary phoned and was going to make an appointment for intense radiation in Calgary, and I said, “No, they told me I can have it in Lethbridge, so she just said, “Sorry, I didn’t realize that.  Good-bye.”  And now I’m just waiting for them to call, and if they don’t call by Thursday, I will phone them.

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