no operation, Angela

Annette: We went to Calgary on the above date to meet with the Surgeon.  He said that he wouldn’t operate because the size of the cancer was too close to the heart, as well my breathing was not good enough.  Said the operation takes  a half a day. Also I would not be able to get in till January of 2012.  My thoughts too long.  He said the opp would be very risky.  Also said that I had about a year to live.  I could go for Chemo therapy    and or radiation.

I phoned Angela and told her and she said that she is not coming out to see me, and not ever coming to Canada again and for me to have a good life.  Tell you that pulled at the heart strings. I’m so glad I didn’t treat my Mom like that. I do not know what I ever did to Angela to be treated like that. I told Angela that I love her.

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