cancer did not spread

Annette: On Oct. 13th I got results from all my tests from the past 2 weeks. Dr. Holland told me that the good news was that the cancer did not spread through out my body.  That was music to my ears. I told Floyd & Justin that & when we left the building we all hugged were so happy, a few tears too. But the not so good news was that Dr. Oviatt said they were thinking of taking 2 lobes of my lung out or maybe even the whole lung. He said very risky may not even make it. He was very blunt. So Dr. Oviatt phoned Calgary right away to make appoints to see a Dr about a PET scan plus a surgeon. And he will decide f the operation is a go. I myself want the Opp. Of course it has to be fairly safe to do. I DO NOT want to go through Chemotherapy & radiation, of course if that is the last thing to do then I will. It was a pretty full day as well I had a 45 minute breathing test, & that is no fun.

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