83 lbs

Annette: Today Floyd & I & Justin went grocery shopping. I wasn’t feeling all that well, but thought I’d go anyway.  Well we were shopping & I got tired & not feeling all that good. Justin took me to a nearby chair. Then went & got Floyd & he took me to the Van. When we got home I layed down & had a bit of a nap. Felt better but I’m always tired.

I have always been 85 lbs & now I’m about 83 or there abouts.  My food intake has gone way down. As I’m never really hungry. I eat because I know I have t. This is what I ate yesterday; 1 bran muffin, 1 small orange, 1 very small piece of chicken, later another small piece of o chicken,1 cookie & another small orange.

One more thing I want to say, to add to my complications on October 5 I cracked a rib on my left side. With C I cough really, really lots, & of course it hurts to cough. Now I’m waiting for Oct. 13 I will see 2 Doctors to know the out come of all this. Like weather it will be an operation or chemo therapy. I am so hoping for an op then be done with it all. But I don’t think it will be all that simple.

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