scans today, Mom gets sick

Justin: scans today
Mom gets her bone scan as well as pelvic, abdominal, and cranial CT scans today.  We’re now sitting in the hospital’s imaging clinic waiting room waiting to get the first scan of the day, the bone scan.  Later, at 12:30, we’ll head toward the area where she’ll drink a barium (radioactive) drink for the other scans.

Mom gets sick
Mom vomited after lunch today.  It’s maybe the second time I’ve ever seen her this ill.  And, because she is so very weak these days, it’s even more worrisome.  <sigh>  Floyd helped her through it, putting a chair in the bathroom in case she needed to sit and rest.  (Later on I suggested to leave the chair in the bathroom overnight.)  I worried.  And there’s nothing I can do.

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