Justin: bronchoscopy, 3 more tests
Mom, Floyd and I went to the hospital today so Mom could get a bronchoscopy.  She’s alright now but was feeling a little iffy after the procedure.  The whole thing was supposed to be done by 2PM, but it dragged on until 3:30 or so.  It wasn’t until 4 that we all left the hospital.  They basically sprayed her throat with an anaesthetic to keep her from gagging on the tube and then put her to sleep for 20 minutes while they searched in her lungs with a camera and did a biopsy from the upper lobe of her right lung.  More tests will be done Thursday – a CAT scan of Mom’s head, a bone scan (not to be confused with a bone density scan which she has regularly), and an abdominal scan to see if the cancer has spread to her bone tissue or anywhere else.  And more follow up appointments with more doctors to see the results of the tests will follow soon after.

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