emergency – false alarm

I woke up this morning to find Mom & Floyd’s bedroom door open, so I was especially quiet in getting the kettle out for coffee.  But when I went out to the porch to get the coffee jar, I found the porch door was unlocked.  I locked it last night.  Then I saw their shoes were gone.  I looked, and sure enough they weren’t in bed.  I put on a sweater & shoes and hopped on my bike.  I rode to the hospital, all the while thinking of what could be wrong.  It took about 20 minutes to get there.  It started spitting rain along the way.  A prayer for my Mom.  A prayer for her lungs and her breathing.  A prayer it wouldn’t pour down buckets of rain.  Not yet, anyway.  I saw a sign “EMERGENCY” and couldn’t figure out where it was.  Instead, at first, I went to an atrium.  No, that’s not the emergency entrance.  I found it, went in, and asked the first person I saw.  She looked in her computer, twice.  Nothing.  No Annette Thompson in the hospital.  And now I am back at home.  Are they at coffee?  No note, no nothing.  Guess I’ll have a coffee now.

They’re back now.  It’s 8:53AM, and they came back 15 minutes ago.  <phew!>  They’re alright.  Nothing wrong.

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