report 2011-09-07

Justin: Mom’s doctor’s appointment
Mom’s doctor’s appointment was this morning.  She was terribly worried about it last night.  “I’m scared,” she said a couple times in a broken voice while sitting in the living room.  <sigh>  I felt so, so bad.  So this morning she went into the doctor’s office – was there for 20 minutes before the doctor called us in to talk.  “You have good news for me, I know,” Mom said.  Well, the long and the short is that she has a 6cm cancerous cist in the upper lobe of the right lung (not left as she earlier understood).

“Service Date 07/09/2011



There is a dominant irregular soft tissue mass in the right upper lobe anteriorly that measures 5.9 TRV x 4.9 SP x 4.2 cm in maximal dimension.  This extends from the suprahilar region to the lateral pleural service.  The overlying rib is intact.  There are at least eight small satellite nodular densities peripheral to the mass that measure up to 7 mm in diameter.

The left lung is clear.  No enlarged mediastinal or left hilar lymph nodes.

Limited scans of the upper abdomen including delayed views through the liver do not reveal abnormality.  No metastatic disease below the diaphragm is identified.

No destructive bony lesions observed.

impression: A large presumed neoplastic mass is identified in the right upper lobe with adjacent satellite nodes.”

That’s the report they printed out for Mom.  The whole visit was maybe 20 minutes.  The doctor suggested a biopsy could be done by going in through the bronchia rather than having the more invasive surgery of removing the upper lobe.  No, the whole lung apparently doesn’t need removal.  A week ago, the first evening I was here, Mom told me the news.  It’s now a week since then, and during this time everyone was worried about it all.  Yesterday Mom even made an extra batch of muffins because she wasn’t sure what would happen the next day.  I believe she was saying she may be in hospital.  Of course, everyone thinks the worst.  <sigh>  Yes, it is bad, but it may not be as bad as worst case scenario.  I prayed to God.  God has answered my prayers.

As well, neither Glenn nor Angela has called Mom since knowing that she has cancer.  Now I can know they don’t want to have anything to do with me.  But Mom?  What has she done to deserve being deserted?  Complete idiots.  They should both be kicked in their asses.