bad news

Justin: Bad news.  We were sitting in the living room talking.  Mom said, “Justin, I have some news … bad news …”  I knew right away it was not good.  <sigh>  Mom has cancer.  Lung cancer, in her left lung.  They haven’t done any more conclusive tests, but from the CAT scan and X-rays, and maybe from blood tests, they say it’s most likely cancer.  There’s a lump in her lung.  We went on to talk about aunt Merine and the fact that she didn’t receive any chemotherapy.  Why not?  Because she witnessed my Aunt Doreen take chemo only to die anyway.  But Mom wants to get surgery right away, as soon as they say she should.  However, she is now 36kg (83 lbs), so she has to gain weight – and health ultimately – before surgery.  She also said that my Uncle Des took pills to reduce the nausea associated with chemo when he had cancer, so she says she wants that.

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